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    Planting a food forest 

    I’m really not an expert on this. I’ve planted some fruit trees that lived, and some that did not.

    My basic concept is “set it and forget it.”

    Plant ’em, don’t water ’em, mulch ’em if you got ’em, but don’t weed ’em. Fuck the rest.

    I don’t have advice for anybody, I have only what I’m trying.

    Whether my approach is a success will take years to determine. I planted some of these fairly close together, but I figure if in ten years I have to decide which amazing perfect super fruitful tree I have to trim or remove, my time won’t have been wasted. And right now, the closeness maximizes the available space.

    The trees are on about 12′ centers. 2 ea. apple, pear, plum. 2 ea. serviceberry, blackberry and two ea. of two different types of seedless grapes. Plus two each of elder and hardy fig will arrive in a separate delivery.

    Elsewhere I have peach, fig, kiwi, cherry, plum, raspberries, (unproductive failing) blueberries, grape and pears. We’ll see what survives and produces fruit over time, over years.

    I used a grub hoe to take away the top tufts of grass and roots. Then covered in a square-ish shape the soil around the tree with some tough thick tarp pieces I have (the plastic doesn’t degrade much), and marked them with larger sticks, and with logs which I have in abundance.

    Over the mounds I sowed mixed edible, wildflower and other seeds, and in the spaces I sowed heavily oats over the grass and sunflowers round the perimeter. My idea is to stock the soil seed bank and add rather than subtract. Try to mimic an emerging meadow transitioning to a forest…

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    Spring garden as snow melts 

    It’s tough to capture with a camera, the beauty of a sloppy wet garden emerging from the snow, having been heavily mulched the year before. Winterkill oats and teff, parsely rotting to black. Old garlic stalks. Many many bags of leaves gathered from the winter. Embedded experiments, plants coming back to life you thought were never alive in the first place. I almost care more about creating the right textures now, what materials that consists of, and what the soil life effects are. The plants are kind of just along for the ride for me rn. They are harvestable indicators. I want to see the full processes of them as they generate and regenerate across cycles. Growths and decays. Periodicity. Wavelengths. Creating leprechaun habitat.

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    Tell me about it… 

    Via Feedly.

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    I’m pretty sure the world is ending… 

    (Photo by Wil Stewart, Unsplash)

    The past 3 weeks I’ve been OCD-scanning for and re-posting compelling environmental news headlines to the pages of Invironment. And I’ve come away with one clear message:




    This is more than just a brain burned out on reading too much news, this effect I’m seeing. The signs are everywhere when you just start putting the pieces together of what’s happening across the globe and start seeing the super-patterns, the tropes and architecture of chaos unfolding.

    Pound your podiums, politicians. Pony up your promises, but we did it to ourselves. We do it each other… and we’re not going to suddenly fix it at the last minute. This isn’t going to be a Hollywood ending; this is going to be instead the true story that happens outside the studio when the actors get fat and old, poor and unpopular and die drug-addled in an alley somewhere…

    I guess I’ve lost sight of the point of trying to warn anybody about anything.

    I mean, it’s here. Welcome. Welcome home, even. This is really happening. This is what free fall looks like. I guess you can finally call me a “hopeless environmentalist,” because I’m all tapped out. I don’t have any more advice. I’m all out of ideas. And I know I won’t be able to afford tickets on the getaway rockets.

    Guess I’ll just Netflix and 💅. Hopefully we can at least keep that running… You guys that get away, just make sure your transmission signals are strong enough to reach us desperate slobs dying back on Planet Earth.

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